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Introduction to Zen Design Thinking

Sponsored event*

This 5-day class is for anyone who wants to live intentionally, creating environments of beauty and inspiration. It is also of interest to experienced meditators who want to bring their practice into their daily lives, and experienced designers who want the tools to take their design skills to a new level.

What you will learn:

  1. The elements of Zen design composition and how to work with them to create and evaluate a design.
  2. How a Zen design differs from conventional design.
  3. How to cultivate a Zen meditation practice as a resource for design.
  4. How to generate a unified vision of the design.
  5. How to join Heaven and Earth, creating a happy environment and a happy life.

You’ll learn how to apply these principles to your own space and to any subject of design, including your own life.

Schedule: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
Cost: $850 (includes lunch)

This is an event sponsored by Plum Mountain. You can register at the Plum Mountain website.

Earlier Event: August 17
Private Event
Later Event: October 10
Private Event