Group Ordination in Japan

In December 2018, six members of the Hakubai sangha traveled with Daishin Sensei to Japan to be ordained. The trip began in Kyoto, where four of us and Sensei visited a number of Zen gardens and discussed contemplative design. We then spent a night at Eiheiji, one of the two central Sōtō temples in Japan which was founded by Eihei Dōgen in the 13th century. Two more sangha members joined us, one from Hakubai and another living in China, to make the trip to Hakubai’s mother temple, Jokoji, in Kamo City. Jokoji is where Houn Kobun and Tenzan Keibun grew up, and Keibun’s son Bunei is now abbot. We sat a one-day zazenkai and were ordained by Hojosama Bunei the following day.

HakuHo Kikuu's Ordination

HakuHo Kikuu’s ordination in January 2018