The practice of generosity (dana in Sanskrit) is one of the six paramitas, or Great Perfections, in Zen. It is grounded in the understanding of no-self: there is no one to possess and nothing to be possessed. Paramita also means to cross to the other shore, and through the practice of the paramitas our lives are transformed. Donating to the Zen Center is an opportunity to practice the perfection of generosity. 

To donate, please write a check to Hakubai Zen Center and mail it to 1275 Cherryvale Road, Boulder CO, 80303.

We also accept donations via Paypal. Due to the fees associated with this method of donation, we prefer donations by check if at all possible, so that we may put the entire amount of your donation toward practice at the Center. If you would like to donate via Paypal, please use the button below.