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Portraiture and Personal Mythology

Sponsored event*

Taught by Jack Richard Smith

A multi-disciplinary workshop for artists, writers, photographers, and others. 

When we say,"portrait" our mind naturally envisions of a painting or a photograph. However, the realm of portraiture is inclusive of a much broader set of tools and much more than an examination of the architecture of a face. Portraits are studies of a personal narrative written on that face. They are the map of our existence to present. The observer, the artist, writer, photographer, the videographer has the opportunity to interpret this narrative using the visage as a ground upon which to express the subject's story.

We will use meditation and other techniques to make portraits of subjects and learn to see others fully.

This is an event sponsored by Plum Mountain. For more information and to register, visit the Plum Mountain website.

Earlier Event: July 1
Later Event: August 6
Summer Sesshin