Renting the Temple Space


Thank you for your interest in renting space at Hakubai for your event. This information sheet should answer many of your basic questions.

We rent on a limited basis to groups whose programs are commensurate with the atmosphere and purpose of Hakubai. Please visit our web site for our rental rates, which depend on the size of your group, and see “Events” for dates that are already taken. In addition to the listings on the site, the second yurt is used on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, so the grounds would be shared at those times.

The Space

The larger yurt on the left as you enter the gate, with the wooden floor, is the indoor space available. The rental includes use of the garden area, parking around the space, and limited use of the kitchen in the caretakers’ trailer. There are two steps up into the space: one onto the deck and another into the yurt. There is no lighting on the grounds, making nighttime events less workable. The yurt is heated with a propane heater and cooled with a swamp cooler. During very hot summer afternoons it is difficult to keep the yurt completely cool, so we recommend cool clothing for participants. We do not provide any instruction materials (paper, pens, easel, projectors, etc.), though 2 long tables are available. We do not have a sound system.


We have 30 folding chairs that can be set up in the yurt. We also have about 7 or 8 floor cushions for seats. We do not have yoga or other mats. You will be responsible for both setup and breakdown as well as tidying the space after your event. Time for this is included in the rental, though it may be possible to have programs set up the evening before it begins. Please talk to us if that’s what you need. We ask that you DO NOT lock any doors on site.


The kitchen contains 3 half-sized refrigerators where participants can store bag lunches. The stove can be used for heating water for tea/coffee, but we do not provide large containers for serving or storing beverages. No food or drink is permitted in the yurt, though in certain situations closed water bottles may be allowed. Plan to have participants eat either in the garden, on the outdoor deck, or to eat off-site at nearby restaurants. There are two large tables available that can be set up on the deck or in the garden for buffet-style service.

Toilet facilities

Indoor toilets may be available during certain cold months of the year, located in the caretaker trailer and in the office trailer to the east of the center. During most of the year, an outdoor porta potty will be provided for your use.


We can park about 22 vehicles on the property. There is no parking in front of the main gate (it’s the fire escape) or near the home to the east of the temple grounds. Each group must provide a parking assistant for at least the first day of the program, who should arrive at least a half-hour in advance of the program to learn the parking pattern. We request that people drive carefully on the grounds, since there are people and animals around. Access is through the driveway with the Hakubai sign; the private drive will be blocked off. Directions to Hakubai are on our web site, and will direct people to the correct driveway.


We can’t accommodate children of participants, please have them arrange off-site child care. We don’t allow dogs or other pets, and they may not be left in cars on the site.

Please feel free to contact Alxe Noden at with additional questions or to arrange a tour of the site and facilities.